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How To Unlock Windows Phone With Broken Screen

But what if your iPhone screen is cracked in a way where some or most of the screen doesn't respond to touch so you can't tap some of the passcode numbers? What if your iPhone screen is broken such that you can't enter the passcode?

How to unlock windows phone with broken screen

If some small portion of the touch screen still works, you should be able to use that working section of the screen to slide around in VoiceOver mode; thankfully, you can turn on VoiceOver with Siri while the iPhone is locked.

We've had many comments asking us if there's any other workarounds to enter a passcode on a completely broken iPhone screen. We had one commenter (thanks Josh!) suggest trying a lightning adapter and plugging in a wired USB keyboard, so we tested the method out!

I bought a lightning cable to USB adapter, and plugged in my very simple Dell USB keyboard into my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.2.6. I was able to press spacebar to get to the lock screen, and then entered in my passcode with the number keys! Here's a link to the specific Lightning to USB adapter I bought on Amazon for $14 USD. If you go this route, I would use as plain/boring a wired USB keyboard as possible, so that you minimize the amount of power the keyboard wants to pull through the USB cable and lightning adapter.

If you have Siri enabled, a working home button (but no part of the screen working), and a USB adapter for an external keyboard, here's how you can turn on and start an iCloud backup with a broken screen:

If you need more iCloud space to back up your iPhone, you can upgrade your account from Mac or PC with the iCloud app. At least now you can unlock your iPhone if you need to get a two-factor authentication code!

Things like opening a notification from the notification center and being taken to the app, attaching an image to send without the app crashing, opening an app without the app crashing the first time, no-random reboots, no unexplained battery drain. It all just worked like it should. It was like Windows Phone and Android had switched places in the hierarchy of things, with Windows phone being a laggy, crashy mess and Android being smooth and unoptimized.

Data loss is a serious problem for all Android users - losing data means losing time and money to recover these data. Data loss can be caused by various factors like accidental deletion, viruses attack, physical damage, or formatting errors, among which physical damage is the most fatal factor. Physical damage like cracked and broken screens, water damaged phones, and other situations may make your device unresponsive. Also, it causes data loss.

Is it possible to recover data from an Android phone that has a broken screen? That depends. Normally, data stored on an SD card is recoverable. But if they are stored in the Android internal storage, the situation might be a little bit tricker.

USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) is a specification that allows you to connect an Android phone to another device, like a mouse. With a USB OTG cable, you can connect your Android phone that has a broken screen to a mouse and then use the mouse to control your Android device.

If there is no USB debugging available, you still have chances to recover data from an Android phone with the broken screen via Google Drive and SD Memory Card. The former is for users whose screen is still working, and the latter is for users whose device's screen is thoroughly broken.

If you have the habit of storing your data in your SD memory card, then you can get back the lost data from SD without USB debugging. Besides, this way can also be applied to recover data from a locked Android phone with a broken screen. Here are the steps to do it.

Our phones contain a lot of sensitive data. The best way to secure all data stored in our smartphone is to back it up, which is convenient for you to recover deleted or lost data. But if you accidentally delete some important data on your device, don't worry, you can use the solutions listed in this guide to recover them with ease. If none of the solutions above works, the last piece of advice for you is to ask a manual data recovery service for help.

When you cannot access your Android phone because the screen is broken, how to recover data from broken Android might be your priority. However, as USB debugging is disabled on the broken Android, you are unable to connect your phone to PC via MTP mode and recover the data. Thus the problem will be: how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen?

However, when your Android phone screen is broken and unresponsive, you need to enable USB debugging on a broken screen with extra tools: OTG cable or ADB tool. And if neither of the methods works on your phone, you can also try to recover data from screen-broken Android without USB debugging with FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction.

If the touch screen on your Android phone is broken, but the display is still on (you can still see the display), you can use a USB OTG and a mouse to control the phone with a broken screen and enable USB debugging.

USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) is a technology that allows you to connect a device(mouse, USB drive, keyboard, etc.) to your smartphone or tablet through the USB Type-C or micro USB port. For example, by connecting a mouse to your phone via OTG cable, you can use the mouse to control the phone without touching the screen.

But not all Android phone supports OTG technology. So you should check whether your broken phone (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, etc.) is OTG supported. You can refer to the users manual of the phone or just google if your phone supports USB OTG with the specific device model.

Is it possible to enable USB debugging on Android remotely from a computer? The question has been brought up on various forums. And the answer is a no. There is no way to enable USB debugging from PC/Mac. But you can still use ADB command or terminal to backup broken Android with PC.

On Android, there is a tool called SDK, which can debug problems with Android devices. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool is part of the SDK tool. With the ADB tool on PC, your PC can communicate with your Android phone via USB and execute a series of commands, including back up data on the phone. By executing ADB command, you can extract data from broken Android with USB debugging.

Obviously, it is very difficult for ordinary users to enable USB debugging on an Android phone with a broken screen. But luckily, there is still a way that allows you to access your phone and recover data with no USB debugging.

FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction is an application for Windows PC that can recover data from Android phone with broken/black/locked screen. With the application, you can access photos, contacts, WhatsApp/SMS messages, music, videos, etc. on your screen-broken phone from PC and save the data on PC. You don't need to enable USB debugging for the application to work. It is a good helper when you need to extract/backup data from the phone with broken screen.

Currently, FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction supports data recovery from serveral latest models of Samsung phones, including devices runnning Android 12. Follow these steps to retrieve data from your phone with broken screen.

With USB debugging, you can execute commands from your computer, and those commands will run on your Android phone. While without USB debugging, you cannot use any ADB commands from your computer on your Android device.

For the question "Is it safe to enable USB debugging?", we suggest you to anable it when you need to use it, then disable it when you're finished. As enabling USB debugging on Android leaves your phone in a vulnerable state, which will transfer data automatically without notification when you connect it to any computer. And other users can easily root your Android device or perform functions that involve risk.

With FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction, you can also fix the bricked Android phone, such as Android phone that is stuck in a boot loop, recovery mode, and more. It is highly recommended that the program requires no technical knowledge for ordinary users to fix Android system problems and recover data from Android phone with a broken screen.

Note that this is limited to three phone unlocks per developer account. Eligible students can unlock their Windows Phones for free, by completing the registration form with the correct information (name of college, code, etc.).

To unlock your phone using the ChevronWP7 method, first visit the site via the link above, sign in with your Windows Live account and download the Windows Phone SDK which you will need in order to sideload apps to your device. This is installed via a small 3 MB tool, vm_web2.exe, which will download the correct version of the SDK for your operating system. Note that the SDK is only compatible with Windows Vista and later.

Next, you will be taken to a screen where you can download the correct unlock tool for your operating system (in 32-bit or 64-bit versions). The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 [Broken URL Removed] update for Windows 7 is also required to install and run the unlock tool.

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