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I Choose Joy

Well, that very day I made a choice. I chose to choose joy over happiness. Happiness is a result of your surroundings. Maybe you got a promotion or a proposal. Joy, however, is an intentional choice. It is an attitude of the heart and spirit that comes from us consciously making the effort to dwell in the presence of the Lord and worship Him as He desires to be worshipped.

I Choose Joy

I open my heart to you, to direct me to choose joy. Will you show me that your strength is made perfect in my weakness? Will you reveal to me the joy of the Lord that is my strength? I need you to keep guiding me away from desperation. Calm me, Lord, to live each day centered on the joy that is my faith in you.

Music often has a way to lighten our hearts, even when they feel drenched in sorrow and when we let down our walls and guards and free ourselves into the music we are making the choice to choose joy despite the sorrow. Open the gates of your heart in joyful praise to God for Who He is, and Who He will always be.

Perhaps you are worried about money today, or a relationship is struggling, or someone you love is sick. When we place our focus not on the dilemma, but we choose to believe that God is working all things together for His good and our benefit (Romans 8:28) it is there that our hearts can truly rest. If the story is not good, the story is not over yet.

In the same way, we can choose joy by changing our environments if even for a day. A walk in nature often seems to bring down to earth how small we are, and how big His creation really is. In nature, we can be reminded that His eye is on the sparrow, and He indeed watches us.

We can choose joy by finding our fullness in Christ, not our circumstances. This year has more than likely felt a daily battle for joy, but when we find our joy not in circumstances, but in the eternal promise of Christ our joy will not be shaken.

Father God, Help us to choose joy today. Lord, in times of such overwhelming circumstances it can feel so daunting to get out of bed, not to mention choose joy. Yet Lord we know that You are with us. Just as You made a way for the Israel slaves in Egypt into the Promised Land, just as You broke the chains off Peter in prison, and just as You brought down the Walls of Jericho we know that the victory comes from You and You alone. Yet even in the waiting, even in the questioning, and even in the long and winding road we can find our joy in You, oh Lord. Help us this day to choose not just joy, but to choose to focus our attention, our love, our affections, our praises, and our days on You. We love You, Lord. You are good, and Your faithfulness endures forever.

The decision to choose joy at times can be a difficult choice. When life feels good, it is easy to say we have joy, that the joy of the Lord beams from us, but when the tides turn that choice can feel more challenging.

On the spectrum of easy to hard there are fewer things easier than telling another person not to worry, or in this instance to choose joy. How am I supposed to choose joy? I want it. I'm tired of being sad, angry, frustrated, hopeless, etc. Is that good enough? Do I need to announce out loud, "I'm choosing joy"? Do I need to repeat "choose joy, choose joy, choose joy" throughout the day, each and every day, until I'm filled with joy?

Joy is not a limited resource; it's renewable. Joy breeds joy. It spreads when you give it away. As you progress on your journey to joy, as you experience the peace and contentment joy brings to life, you'll inevitably want to share your joy with others. When you reach that moment, we offer you this opportunity to choose joy for someone else. To choose joy for a child living in poverty.

Are you joyful? Do you have that deep in your soul feeling that everything will be okay regardless of your circumstances? What are you doing now to nourish joy in your life? Do you have any favorite spiritual or choose joy Bible verse suggestions? Please be sure to join in the conversation. Share your comments below.

By meditating on these verses daily, you can choose joy even if you are facing difficult circumstances. Joy does not depend on our feelings; rather, joy is something God gives us as we trust him. You will trust God more when you decide to fight back against negativity by choosing joy.

We can choose joy as Christians because God is our protection. He is a safe place for us, especially when we feel weary, sad, or fearful. When you meet God in this safe place through prayer, pour out all your feelings before him, good or bad. Then tell him you are choosing joy because he is protecting you.

Dear Friends, Sometimes it may seem very easy to be joyful. Other times, we may feel overwhelmed by circumstances surrounding us, and being joyful may not seem so easy. Brothers & Sisters, Joy is a decision. Choosing Joy is a Sacrifice. Choosing joy goes much deeper than just having a happy day because things are going well. Choosing joy is deeply rooted in our faith, hope and trust in God.May we always choose joy!

I used to believe joy just happened to us, a fleeting feeling that comes and goes with the tides of life. Not something I could choose to have. I erroneously associated joy with circumstances and believed my joy depended on my current season. 350c69d7ab


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